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  1. Posted by zyikes, — Reply

    I see no reason to not consider monkeys/apes/gorillas as people at this point, humans obviously aren't much smarter than them.

  2. Posted by cruising_cruz, — Reply

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  3. Posted by BR3ADST1CK, — Reply

    Studies show that if you have a hard time sleeping, it's probably because you're awake

  4. Posted by sahalu8055, — Reply

    Studies shows that a some lack normal functional brain as a part of evolution

  5. Posted by just_some_random_weeb, — Reply

    where would we be without these studies? they are truly revolutionary

  6. Posted by just_a_lego_fan_12, — Reply

    Fun fact: each time you breath your death timer restarts again from two minutes

  7. Posted by naluheartneel56, — Reply

    they r missing a 3rd one, if they have three then it'll become the holy trinity

  8. Posted by lillyvanilly777, — Reply

    Same energy

  9. Posted by youarevalid, — Reply

    What ?? How do they know ?? Did i need to breath air ???

  10. Posted by ramune20101, — Reply

    Studies show that you’re most likely to born on your birthday

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