18 Students Who Really Did Try


A for effort, I guess?


  1. Posted by kittykatz223, — Reply

    Actually did this on a practice test in algebra and it was peer graded so the girl grading mine was so confused when she saw I had the right answer but like half the work was wrong lol

  2. Posted by aokimika, — Reply

    I always had some trouble with math so understand them I made my own things to get to the solution and the teacher graded it wrong even tho the answer was correct.

  3. Posted by myfriendsarepansycakes, — Reply

    I know this isn’t the most important thing right now but why does the handwriting manage to transition from neat print to loose cursive over the course of one word

  4. Posted by marys7082, — Reply

    i've done the wrong equation formula, but then messed up when solving that anyways, and ended up getting the right answer anyways anyone else?

  5. Posted by sticks37, — Reply

    If that ain’t me-

  6. Posted by I__LOVE__YOU__3000, — Reply

    I guess two wrongs really do make a right

  7. Posted by Cydneymooney, — Reply

    I’ve done this before! The student teacher went to a really good college that is hard to get into and was looking at my problem and was like “your answer is right and your problem is right but how did you get it?” And I was like idk I just kinda did the problem? And he literally looked at his notes and took my paper cause he was so confused at how I got a more precise answer then him

  8. Posted by maroonbassoon1, — Reply

    That happened to me in calc last year. I forgot two different negatives, making my answer correct😂

  9. Posted by ssebq123, — Reply

    Parents when they get another kid cause the first was a disappointment

  10. Posted by Jonessssyyyy, — Reply

    His handwriting gradually turns to cursive

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