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Small tattoos are always popular, not only because they are very easy to hide,but also they can also express some meaningful information. The best design of small tattoo is the word and quote. They are so meaningful and really speak louder than other tattoo designs. The meaningful words and quotes tattoo designs really have great power to make you make a great change sometimes, and they are also give you some inspirations to help you make a great move. So they are so important when you have the right words and quotes tattoo on your body. If you want to motive yourself everyday by the words and quotes,then you should have a tattoo on. And we give you 45 perfect tattoo designs which you would love. Enjoy! Cute Small Tattoo Small tattoos come in cute designs. Those that are young at heart will find cute tattoos reflect their personalities perfectly. Playful and petite, these designs are an excellent choice for your first inking or a matching tattoo with your best childhood friend. Adorable animals like pandas, puppies, and frogs are popular choices for these tattoos. Try a cartoon-style artwork for an extra cute look! Meaningful Tattoo Even small tattoos can have a powerful meaning. When choosing a meaningful inking, many women choose their life’s motto, favorite song lyrics, or the name of a loved one. Your hand or inner wrist are ideal placements for these inkings as you can always see them and be reminded of their meaning. Small Simple Tattoo For those who have a relaxed and classic sense of style, or prefer black ink tattoos, small and simple designs are a perfect choice. They are also ideal if you’d prefer a short and inexpensive tattoo session, as they can be done in one sitting. Plus, the beauty of a small and simple tattoo is that you can place it almost anywhere! Quote Tattoo Quote tattoos are often placed on the forearm or wrist. That’s because they are easy to read in this position. However, you can also have important words inked on other parts of your body to make it easier for others to read, or to make the message legible when reflected in a mirror. Whatever you choose – whether it be a line from your favorite movie, book, or song, or words of wisdom – the impact will be felt no matter the size of your inking. Be Here Now Quote Tattoo In a world full of distractions, it can be tough to stay focused. Reminding us to stay in the present, this minimalist quote tattoo is definitely the grounding thing we all need to hear sometimes. If you are getting your first tattoo, consider one of these timeless quotes for your first so that it can be a wise choice when you show your mom three years after you get it. Getting your first tattoo is a huge deal, so choosing what you want to be inked on your skin is important. Take into account something that won’t be silly when you are older as well! While a giant cartoon dog face on your back may be cute when you are 19, think about when you are 45 and headed to the pool or beach with your family. Think about if you want this tattoo to be visible at that age of your life and on. While you can get a tattoo removed, the process is longer and more expensive (and painful!) than getting the tattoo in the first place — so be cautious. Also, let’s agree to never get a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed … because we saw what happened with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson so now we can learn from their mistakes. Share This3KShares