35 Cool Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas


Here is a list of 35 easy whimsical drawing ideas to try out next in your sketchbook - Whether you are bored or wanting to practice your drawing skills.


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  4. Posted by anavidwriter, — Reply

    Contrast in drawings like this has always been my absolute favorite!

  5. Posted by fasihaayeshatarannum, — Reply

    I love these cool ideas 👍🏼it’s really good.I kinda messed up the pine trees

  6. Posted by StrangerThingsFan4Life, — Reply

    This drawing reminds me of the Upside Down from Stranger Things! Hahaha 😂

  7. Posted by gavirlas, — Reply

    Wonderful Design! The geometry and contrast of it are really great. I love it!

  8. Posted by chahanakharel, — Reply

    This drawing was pretty exciting, and my final product turned out pretty nice.

  9. Posted by miatenglerova, — Reply

    Je to krásnej obrazek, ale je težkej , protože kazdý ma jinaci stil obrazku.

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